Why not give refereeing a go ?
Sat 9th Jan 2021 @ 14:20:08 (314 Views)

Posted By : Jon Rayner

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Here within the Huddersfield Macron Junior League we value and support the referees and officials of all ages and levels. From the 14yr old boys and girls just completing their initial training, right through to those at higher levels who take time out of their busy refereeing schedules to help some of our teams out by officiating for them. We thank all those volunteers who “ref” for their local junior teams week in, week out.

We appreciate that it can sometimes feel like a thankless task, but refereeing can be a really rewarding job and is an excellent way to stay involved in football.

In West Yorkshire we can boast we have some of the best referees in the country, with the likes of Martin Atkinson, John Moss, Andy Madley currently officiating on the Premier League, all hailing from God’s Own County.  

The Huddersfield Macron Junior League was delighted, at the start of last season, to be able to work alongside WRCFA Referee Development Officer Mark Haywood, also a retired Football League Referee, in promoting the launch of the Purple Shirt Campaign. This was an initiative that made available to all qualified referees under the age of 18 yrs, a purple shirt to wear whilst officiating games. When spectators, coaches and players see a referee wearing one of these purple shirts it indicates that the referee is still a child and whilst we promote respect at all times, it reminds those who are quick to shout abuse that in fact they are abusing a child.

Mark Says…

“In recent years the working relationship between The Huddersfield Macron Junior League and West Riding County FA has gone from strength to strength and they were instrumental in the initiation and support of the Purple Shirt Campaign. The league has helped in creating a safer and more welcoming environment for new referees of all ages who have recently completed the referees course and I would encourage anyone who is interested in participating in this rewarding element of football to do so. Whilst we are very proud of our local referees who have reached the highest echelons of football we have many who choose to be involved at a grassroots level which is equally as rewarding and provides an essential service to the league.”


The opportunities for young referees to climb the ladder through promotions has never been better, this is supported by WRCFA by delivering CPD (Continuous Personal Development) events aimed at supporting young referees by offering advice, support and mentoring opportunities. The help of referees at higher levels is utilised at these events to share their own experience with the aim being to help the young referees achieve the best level they can.


A quote from….Premier League Referee – Andy Madley.

‘When I did the Referees Course I only went because my brother didn’t want to go on his own, little did I know that I would end up refereeing on the Premier League and officiating all over the world with a full time job from what started out as a hobby!’

‘I have to say the opportunities for referees to move along the promotion pathway have never been greater. No referee in the professional game has ever achieved their position without starting out on a basic referees course and refereeing on leagues such as the Huddersfield Macron JFL. This is a great starting point for a referee of any age. I will be honest and say the challenges of grassroots  football for a referee are far greater than those of a Premier League referee. The skill set that can be gained

from this can be taken into all areas of life. The support network is better than ever so I would recommend anyone to give it a go and to try and be the best they can be at whatever level they achieve’


Should you wish to become a referee and feel you could take on the challenges see below…

The details of the referees course can be found on the WRCFA website in the referee section and all the confirmed courses will be advertised on the courses section when venues and dates have been confirmed. You can also complete an expression of interest form to register your details for future courses

Click on the link…



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